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Business Cards Services

Business Cards
* All prices are before Tax. Consumption tax will be added separately.

Business Cards

Business Cards 100 cards/1case
Artwork design costs ¥ 3,000
when larger than11 sets are ordered, cost is waived.
Single sided, B & W ¥ 800
Double sided, B & W ¥ 1,000
Single sided, color ¥ 1,500
Frondt color / back B&W ¥ 2,000
Two-sided color ¥ 2,500

The prices for Artwork (block copy) are for cards printed by us.
After the artwork is completed, additional changes will incur a ¥300 charge/change.
If soft copy of the artwork is required an additional ¥1000 will be charged. This includes the cost of the CD.
This is charged regardless of the CD. In the case of 2 or more people the charge will be ¥500/person.

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